Superior Quality combined with innovation

Products We Manufacture

We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial & manufacturing estates,
we have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values.


We transform spaces with pavers that are comfortable to walk on, extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Rock Wool

We are UAE's exclusive manufacturer of Rock Wool also known as mineral wool or stone wool.

Kerb Stones

We manufacture high quality kerb Stones in Bull Nose, Heel Curb and Chamfred styles.

Marbles & Natural Stones

We manufacture Marbles, Granite, Sandstones and Limestones with amazing finish.

Terrazzo Tiles

We produce single, double and monolayers terrazzo tiles in various designs, sizes and finish.

Concrete Blocks

We create edge, thermo, hollow, hourdi, and solid blocks with Gabbro rock aggregates from our own Quarry.

Rock Aggregates

Our quarry provides various rock aggregates like Armour rocks, Basalt, and crushed sand of various sizes with consistent quality.