My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by COVID 19. Every day, it’s with a heavy heart that we hear about lives and livelihoods lost due to COVID 19 across the globe. And its impact is also affecting our communities. Our UAE government is taking every measure possible to prevent the spread of the virus and keeping our citizens and residents safe from this pandemic. We support these initiatives 100% and are constantly connecting with the authorities to stay updated on the news and updates. We are following through with their guidance to ensure the safety measures are in place in our company as well.

To Our Employees:

As we continue to monitor this situation closely, I wanted to take a moment to reassure our employees and their families that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe.

At Fujairah Building Industries PJSC., we care about the safety of our employees. The safety of not just our employees, but every person they interact within a community. Every single life matter and as we are living the times of COVID 19, we need to protect not only ourselves but also the ones near us as well. We need to stop the spread as much as we can. It’s our moral responsibility.

But business continuity is also important. With our factories and quarry, our nature of business does not permit some of our employees to work from home, but we can provide a safe and sanitized environment while they are here. These safety rules are implemented at the headquarters, business offices, sales centers, site offices, and factories. Our offices are being disinfected every day. At every entry point, we are having thermal scanning to ensure every employee’s temperature is taken before they commence work for the day. We have sanitizers at every desk, and face masks for our employees. We are in constant communication with the various health departments to stay updated on the safety measures to be implemented.

We have implemented mandatory digital meeting rooms through Microsoft Teams to drastically cut down face-to-face interactions while ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction. This has helped us in the smooth functioning of business while maintaining protocols of social distancing.

I also take this opportunity to appreciate our leadership teams and managers in taking initiative and leading by example in educating and implementing the various guidelines issued. Please continue the good work!

To Our Customers & Suppliers:

As the situations surrounding COVID-19 continue to change and evolve, what won?t change is our commitment to do everything we can to help ensure the health and safety of everyone involved with our company. We have earned your trust and loyalty for 40 years through our commitment in bringing you quality products at every step of the way. We are now adding one more promise. To take care of not just our employees, but also their families and communities by ensuring we do not contribute to the spread in any way while still delivering products and solutions you need to keep your projects and business going. 

Together, we can defeat any global pandemic. Let’s stay strong together.

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